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House Frey
The sigil of House Frey from Game of Thrones.
House Clegane
The sigil of House Clegane from Game of Thrones.
Lord of Light
The faith of R’hllor, also known as the Lord of Light, is one of several religions followed in the world of Game of Thrones.
House Blackfyre
The sigil of House Blackfyre from Game of Thrones.
House Umber
The sigil of House Umber from Game of Thrones.
Maize (Corn)
For many native peoples of the Americas, maize is one of the most prominent symbols found throughout their cultures. While commonly referred to as “corn” by many people today, in this article “maize”…
The plum is an important symbol in parts of eastern Asia, where both the fruit and its flower carry significant meaning.
Usually associated with tropical climates, elaborate cocktails and high-calorie pastries, the coconut also has cultural symbolism on a more esoteric level.
The cultural importance of honey is based, in large part, on its sweet flavor. While some symbolic meanings of this foodstuff are easy to understand, others may come as quite a surprise.
One of the most symbolic of all fruits, apples have held a central place in the traditions of many cultures.
In terms of symbolic importance, the lotus has achieved a status that has seldom been equaled by any flower. Its beauty, perfume and central place in many belief systems has made it a true monarch of…
Shamrock (clover)
In modern times, this little weed has come to serve as a visual metaphor for anything connected with Ireland, and many people simply take it at face value. However, the shamrock actually has some int…
Orange (fruit)
This brightly colored citrus fruit was first cultivated in eastern Asia, and has since spread to many other parts of the world. While the fruit itself and its peel are used in a variety of culinary t…
House Bolton
The sigil of House Bolton from Game of Thrones.
Found primarily in warm or tropical waters, coral presents a somewhat enigmatic facade that nonetheless carries multiple symbolic meanings.
The word “navaratna” (meaning ‘nine gems’ in Sanskrit) refers to an ancient Indian astrological system in which nine specific gems are used to represent the heavenly bodies.
Aida (musical)
Although its run on New York City’s Broadway theatre scene was relatively brief (from 2000 until 2004), this powerful performance, with music composed by Sir Elton John and with lyrics by Tim Rice, c…
Like many gemstones, the sapphire possesses a number of different symbolic meanings.
Like many gemstones, the emerald possesses a number of different symbolic meanings.
Lapis Lazuli
Like many gemstones, lapis lazuli possesses a number of different symbolic meanings.
Like many gemstones, the amethyst possesses a number of different symbolic meanings.
In modern times, ivory has become a highly charged symbol; although the material has been utilized by humans for millennia, the large-scale hunting of rare animals for their ivory has long been a pro…
When describing amber, using the word “gemstone” can be awkward, since amber is not technically a stone at all. Nonetheless, it has been used as ornamentation for thousands of years and has acquired …
Like many gemstones, the moonstone possesses a number of different symbolic meanings.
Like many gemstones, the ruby possesses a number of different symbolic meanings.