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Seattle Kraken Logo
Since Seattle was awarded the NHL’s 32nd franchise in 2018, marketing experts worked behind the scenes for a whole year, talked to locals, and polled over 200,000 future fans to build a brand players…
White Bison of The Pragmatic Party
This is the equivalent of the elephant for the gop and the donkey for the dnc it is a white bison of the american plains
DOL symbols with Dollarpesa
DuKu Business Logo\Symbol
The original symbol/logo of the International technology company DuKu Business.
The Windows Logo
The Window's logo is a widely recognized symbol of Microsoft corporation. The logo consists of the 4 colored squares, orange, green, blue and yellow inside a blue circle representing a trusted and se…
Vegas Golden Knights Logo
The NHL’s 31st franchise known as the Vegas Golden Knights, are the first major professional sports franchise to represent Las Vegas. Owner Bill Foley said the “name and logo embody this great city a…
International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance


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A Gibraltar
B Malaysia
C Seychelles
D China