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Curly Loop
A curled loop, which is shown in black on most platforms. Displayed as a blue ribbon on Samsung devices.
Ik Onkar
Ik Onkar is the symbol that represents the One Supreme Reality and is a central tenet of Sikh religious philosophy. Ik (ਇੱਕ) means one and only one, who cannot be compared or contrasted with any othe…
letter aksara B
Ini adalah huruf B dari aksara sunda
The Ł Letter
Ł or ł, described in English as L with stroke, is a letter of the Polish, Kashubian, Sorbian, Łacinka (Latin Belarusian), Łatynka (Latin Ukrainian), Wymysorys, Navajo, Dene Suline, Inupiaq, Zuni, Hup…
The Fig Hand Gesture
The fig sign is a mildly obscene gesture used in Turkish and Slavic cultures and some other cultures that uses two fingers and a thumb. This gesture is most commonly used to deny a request.
Internet Symbol
Internet symbol conveying WiFi, information, and anonymity. Iconic among hacktivists and anarcho-hacktivists.
Sa (kana)
さ, in hiragana, or サ in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, which each represent one mora. Both represent [sa]. The shapes of these kana originate from 左 and 散, respectively.
The Love Symbol
The unpronounceable symbol also known as the "Love Symbol", is the sage name of the American singer-songwriter Prince.
The Chinese good luck symbols Ji means lucky, auspicious and propitious
District 1
The seal of District 1 from The Hunger Games.
District 2
The seal of District 2 from The Hunger Games.
District 3
The seal of District 3 from The Hunger Games.
District 4
The seal of District 4 from The Hunger Games.
Epyc Wynn
Epyc Wynn is a hacktivist memetic symbol representing a desire for revolution against unethical mods and admins and promotion of free speech on all websites. It is heavily tied to forum and meme comm…
Jera (also Jeran, Jeraz) is the conventional name of the j-rune ᛃ of the Elder Futhark, from a reconstructed Common Germanic stem *jēra- meaning "harvest, (good) year".
Tuareg Cross
The markings and geometrical design of Tuareg crosses and Tuareg jewelry in general translates into protective symbolism. "God is the center of the universe, we are one with God" and "no matter where…
A sphinx is a mythical creature with the head of a human and the body of a lion.
Naruto Hidden Leaf Village Symbol
Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto.
Sharp increase in wind speed.
The symbol used to represent Therianthropy.
The Victor Sybmol
The victor symbol (Spanish: víctor or vítor) is an emblem that is painted on the walls of some Spanish and Latin American universities to commemorate students who have received the degree of doctorat…
Chinese Dragon Symbol
An ancient seal script form of the character for "dragon" that is now written 龍 or 龙 and pronounced lóng in Mandarin Chinese.
Hei Matau
A hei matau is a bone or greenstone carving in the shape of a highly stylised fish hook typical of the Māori people of New Zealand. They represent strength, good luck and safe travel across water.
The staurogram, also monogrammatic cross or tau-rho, is a ligature composed of a superposition of the letters tau (Τ) and rho (Ρ).
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