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The symbol used to represent Therianthropy.

Therianthropy refers to a person who identifies as a non-human animal on a non-physical level. They fall under the umbrella of Otherkin or people with alterhuman identities.

This is not a belief they are an animal or can transform in to one; rather a mental, psychological or spiritual identity as the animal (known as the theriotype).

The symbol is made up of two Greek characters the delta which is a triangle (symbolizing change and the shift in mentality from humanoid to animalistic) and the theta which is a circle with a line in the middle (referring to the ‘Th’ in therian, the name given to one with this identity).


Graphical characteristics:
Symmetric, Closed shape, Monochrome, Contains both straight and curved lines, Has crossing lines.

Categories: Animal Symbolism, Consciousness, Geometry Symbols, Greek Symbols, Internet Icons and Symbols, Miscellaneous.

Theta-delta is part of the Greek alphabet, Paganism groups.

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