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This page lists all the various symbols in the Mathematical Symbols category.

This is a list of symbols found within all branches of mathematics.

Symbols in this category:

Plus or Minus

Indicates that result can be the sum or difference of two values.

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Power Set

A power set refers to subsets of A.

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The probably of an event happening.

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The product of a function over a range of values.

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Proper Subset (also called a strict subset)

A proper subset is subset that has few elements than the set, i.e., the subset can not be the original set.

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Proper Superset (also called strict superset)

A proper superset is a superset that has more elements than a set.

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Proportional to

Specifies that a value is proportional to another value

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Means a statement is provable

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Represents the set {a + bi + cj + dk : a,b,c,d ∈ real numbers}

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Rational Numbers

Represents the set of all rational numbers.

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Real Numbers

Represents the set that contains all real numbers.

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Relative Complement

Refers to objects that belong to one set but are not in the other set.

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Right Angle

Specifies that an angle is 90 degrees.

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Right Open Interval

A range of values between the listed values including the left value but not the right value.

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Right Triangle

Specifies that a triangle is a right triangle (i.e., has an angle that is 90 degrees)

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