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This page lists all the various symbols in the Mathematical Symbols category.

This is a list of symbols found within all branches of mathematics.

Symbols in this category:


The statement A & B is true if both A is true and B is true. Otherwise the statement is false.

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Indicates an angle.

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Approaches the Limit

Specifies the value that a function, or sequence, "approaches".

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Approximately equal

A wavy symbol used to denote items that are approximately equal.

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Used in a proof to indicate "because".

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Big O

Represents the order of complexity of a problem. Used to describe how closely a finite series approximates a given function

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Borromean Rings

In mathematics, the Borromean rings consist of three topological circles which are linked and form a Brunnian link (i.e., removing any ring results in two unlinked rings). In other words, no two of the three rings are linked with each other as a Hopf link, but nonetheless all three are linked.

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Indicates the number of elements in a set.

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Cartesian Product

A x B is the set of all ordered pairs from A and B.

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The ceiling of a value is the smallest integer that is greater than, or equal to, the value.

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The complement of a set A is the set that contains all elements that are not in set A.

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Complex Numbers

Represents the set that contains all complex numbers.

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Means "has the same measurements of".

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Cube Root

The cube root of a value is the number that you multiple by itself 3 times to get the original value.

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