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This page lists all the various symbols in the Mathematical Symbols category.

This is a list of symbols found within all branches of mathematics.

Symbols in this category:

Left Open Interval

A range of values between the listed values including the right value but not the left value.

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Less Than

Value on the left of the < is less than the value on the right.

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Less Than or Equal To

Specifies that one value is less than or equal to another.

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Less Than or Greater Than

Specifies that one value is less than or greater than another (i.e., not equal to).

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Logical Implication (Implies)

The statement on the left side of the symbol implies the statement on the right side. Can also be read as If, Then, i.e., if "statement on left side", then "statement on right side".

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The mean of a set if the average of all the values in the set.

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Measured Angle

Specifies that an angle has been measured

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Modulo 2 Sum

Adding two numbers together bit by bit performing the xor operation on the pairs of bits.

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Math operation first number added to summation of itself times base counted down for each digit place until the ones column 10^0.

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Much Greater Than

Specifies that one value is much larger than another value.

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Much Less Than

Specifies that one value is much less that another.

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Multiply one value by another.

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Natural Numbers Including Zero

Represents the set of all natural numbers including zero.

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Natural Numbers Without 0

Represents the set that contains all the natural numbers except 0.

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Nearest Integer

The nearest integer of a value is the integer closest to the value.

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