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  • Chataraya
    Anyone know what this might be? Found in a resale shop and liked the look of it but can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!
    LikeReply1 month ago
  • taylor_a
    Can someone help identify this for me
    LikeReply1 month ago
  • yamakazi66
    Hello, I almost saw this logo in a dream. Does anyone have any information about it and what it is related to?
    LikeReply4 months ago
    • baller
      what does this symbol mean -) ֍
      LikeReply1 month ago
  • MiMibear22
    need to make the symbol behind the words what is it
    LikeReply4 months ago
  • randomizer
    Can somebody tell me what the triangle symbol represents?
    LikeReply4 months ago
  • inézmaria
    anyone know what this symbol is? closest i found is adjnkra “nsaa” which is some kind of woven fabric
    LikeReply5 months ago
  • arathorn27
    i've seend this symbol. and i don't know what it means. Does someone has an idea?
    Thank you in advance!
    LikeReply5 months ago
  • jasonb.77564
    Can anyone identify this crest
    LikeReply 15 months ago
  • Natak223
    Does anyone know what this symbol means? I’ve had this necklace for a while and cannot figure it out.

    On the back is the name “TIJAR”
    LikeReply5 months ago
  • andream.41511
    Anyone know what symbol this is an what it represents any an all information recording this symbol help please thank u
    LikeReply5 months ago
  • harryd.91593
    Anyone know the meaning of this symbol?
    LikeReply 15 months ago
    • rinat
      This is the symbol of
      The Israel Defense Forces (IDF; Hebrew: צְבָא הַהֲגָנָה לְיִשְׂרָאֵל, The Army of Defense for Israel'), alternatively referred to by the Hebrew-language acronym Tzahal (צה״ל), is the national military of the State of Israel. It consists of three service branches: the Israeli Ground Forces, the Israeli Air Force, and the Israeli Navy. 
      LikeReply5 months ago
  • Annb1
    I'm wondering if anyone can identify this for me? Or, is it even a symbol?
    LikeReply6 months ago
  • SillySav711
    Found this ring and curious if anyone knows what the symbol is
    LikeReply6 months ago
    • Dascent
      Luciferian symbol
      LikeReply5 months ago
  • karolis_r
    Anyone know this symbol?
    LikeReply7 months ago
  • Absolutelyridiculous
    Anyone know this one?
    LikeReply7 months ago
  • elizabetht.95974
    what does this symbol on glassware stand for
    LikeReply10 months ago
    • Dascent
      might be a signature nude design but by the looks of it is a stylized version made with a small grinder tool
      LikeReply5 months ago
  • daloo
    Does anyone know the meaning of this please?
    LikeReply11 months ago
  • Xtc
    What does this mean?
    LikeReply 11 year ago
  • amedeo_d
    Hello, I'd like to know the meaning of this table paint I had from a friend of mine. It has a title too, and it's "The book of symbols". Can you help me please?
    I don't know where start to recognize the symbols, their tradition, the alphabet or the culture... Thanks for helping!!! 
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • TravEven
    These symbols are attached to a mirror on our rental. We took it down but want to know what they are?
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • halfnhalf_c
    Does anyone know the meaning of this pendant?
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • julianna_j
    Anyone ever seen anything similar to this symbol before? I saw it drawn on something in this mystery show that I watch, called From where symbols are a potentially important aspect of the story. Trying to figure out if this symbol’s just entirely made up for the show…or if it might relate to any actual existing symbols. A Youtube suspected that a different symbol on the show relates to Jewish symbolism, but I’m not sure on that. I haven’t seen anyone mention spotting this symbol (which was drawn on a pair of pants, in the last episode) yet, though. Just curious about it, and trying to see if it looks like any real kind of symbolism, but haven’t found anything similar so far. 
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • Mayito0520
    What this means
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • prahlad
    Hey, How can i get this Symbole in Text format so that I can use in Meta Data's DMCA Ignored Hosting
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • alvaro_r
    Whats meaning this symbol?
    LikeReply1 year ago
    • qoomburguer
      It's the Om - A symbol widespread in India representing Hinduism and Hindu beliefs.
      LikeReply1 year ago
  • 00|00
    can someone tell me what symbol this is or what it means Please
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • charay_m
    What does this symbol mean??? Please anyone?
    LikeReply1 year ago
    • qoomburguer
      It's the Chi Ro symbol - It represents christianity.
      LikeReply1 year ago
    • shonto666
      it is roman symbol for christianity
      LikeReply4 months ago
  • asmawati_a
    What is this the meaning?
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • cadekisswell
    What is this and what's the meaning?
    LikeReply1 year ago
    • acronimous
      Looks like the Thirty Seconds to Mars band emblem...
      LikeReply1 year ago
  • Slightly
    I does is has to know
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • jamies.61485
    Any clues on the meaning
    LikeReply1 year ago
    • qoomburguer
      Arab symbol for God(Allah).
      LikeReply1 year ago
  • Jlucksted
    Does anyone know any of the symbols in this ring
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • Otromás
    What significa?
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • Khurt
    Does anyone know what this is?
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • WallyD
    This symbol is on the back of a US coin
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • AJB23
    Does anyone know what this is or means
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • liindinaaa
    Can anyone tell me what’s this symbol or his meaning? Ty
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • Lovemysons100
    Does anyone recognize this symbol?? I thought it was nothing but I keep seeing it over and over again!
    LikeReply 11 year ago
  • MatheusA
    Can anyone tell me what is this ?
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • cdogpats14
    Does anyone know what this symbol is or means? The image is on a packaging logo for Mole Poblano
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • Lou_where1ssmymind
    I got this at a second hand market and the vendor said it was a "witch's ring" from Afrika, but I can't seem to fin anything if I Google that. Does anyone know what this is?
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • Khensani
    Please kindly help me out with the for this symbol
    LikeReply2 years ago
  • jorgef.58073
    Can anyone help me with the meaning of this one??
    LikeReply2 years ago
  • josephw.11494
    Help translate this
    LikeReply 12 years ago
  • Angiekazz
    Can anyone help me please. I would very much like to know what this symbol is and it's meaning and origins. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    LikeReply2 years ago
  • mayur
    I want this symbol in text
    LikeReply2 years ago
  • Carilemu
    Por favor me ayudan con este símbolo?
    LikeReply 22 years ago
  • joannea.04429
    What is the meaning of this symbol?
    LikeReply 32 years ago
  • mariella_m
    What is the meaning of the following symbol?
    LikeReply2 years ago
  • ts.me
    What is the meaning of the symbol on the right side "/" ?
    LikeReply 63 years ago

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Flag of the United States

The American national flag is one of the most well known symbols of the United States of America.

Often nicknamed as the “Stars and Stripes” it consists of thirteen horizontal stripes in red and white, and 50 white stars on a blue rectangle on its upper hoist-side corner.

Flown as a national emblem since 1777 with very minor changes during the years, it serves as a strong symbol of Americanism identity and national pride while capturing the power and glory of its people.

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