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Awareness ribbons are symbols meant to show support for or raise consciousness about a cause, with different colors and patterns associated with different issues. Many activist groups and social reform organizations have adopted these ribbons as a badge of identification. As a result, a single color or pattern can often signify multiple issues, and some causes may also be represented by more than one color.

Most contemporary awareness ribbons - those that are mass-produced - share the uniform shape depicted here, as they are often worn pinned to clothing. However, a correctly-colored ribbon in any shape can signify allegiance to a cause, regardless of where it is placed.

Symbols in this category:

black ribbon

The black ribbon represents several awareness causes:

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blue and black ribbon

The blue and black ribbon represents several groups:

* Concern of Police Survivors (COPS): Support Law Enforcement

* ocular melanoma (choroidal melanoma/uveal melanoma)

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blue ribbon

The blue ribbon represents:

* dysautonomia awareness

* transverse myelitis awareness

* child abuse awareness

* violent physical or sexual child abuse in memory of victims)

* bullying awareness (usually worn as a silicone band in support and memory of victims)

* Von Hippel–Lindau disease awareness

* tuberous sclerosis awareness

* human trafficking and sex slavery awareness (navy blue)

* Stevens–Johnson syndrome awareness

* colon cancer awareness

* Electronic Frontier Foundation: freedom of speech online

* Canada's National Non-Smoking Week

* Blue Ribbon Coalition: responsible use of public lands for the benefit of all recreation

* hydranencephaly awareness

* chronic fatigue syndrome awareness

* myalgic encephalomyelitis awareness

* addiction-recovery awareness

* osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle-bone disease)

* "Unbreakable Spirit" awareness

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burgundy and ivory ribbon

Head and Neck Cancer awareness.

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Burgundy/Maroon Ribbon

The burgundy ribbon represents awareness for:

- Hirschsprung's Disease awareness

- Multiple Myeloma awareness

- Adults with disabilities awareness and support

- Amyloidosis support

- Oral cancer awareness

- Brain aneurysm awareness

- Headaches and migraines

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cloud ribbon

congenital diaphragmatic hernia awareness

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Flag of Malta

The Flag of Malta (Maltese: Bandiera ta' Malta) is a basic bi-color, with white in the hoist and red in the fly. A representation of the George Cross, awarded to Malta by George VI in 1942 is carried, edged with red, in the canton of the white stripe

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gold ribbon

Childhood cancer awareness

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gray ribbon

The gray ribbon represents:

* borderline personality disorder awareness

* diabetes awareness (more commonly diabetes is symbolized by the blue circle, as designated by the International Diabetes Federation

* brain cancer awareness

* asthma awareness

* alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency awareness

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green blue orange yellow multi-color ribbon

The green, blue, orange and yellow multicolor ribbon represents:

*intestinal malrotation awareness

*volvulus awareness

*short bowel syndrome awareness due to combination of intestinal malrotation and volvulus

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green ribbon

The green ribbon represents several awareness causes:

* Glaucoma Awareness

* depression awareness

* traumatic brain injury awareness and support

* cerebral palsy awareness and support

* aging research awareness

* celiac disease

* Lyme disease

* organ transplant and organ donation awareness

* kidney cancer (also known as renal cell carcinoma) awareness

* environmental protection

* mitochondrial disease awareness

* pedestrian safety

* craniosynostosis awareness (varied organizations)

* bipolar disorder awareness

* Close Down Green Hill / Vivisection Campaign

* support our public school students and teachers

* Tourette syndrome awareness

* Mental Health Awareness

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grey and blue with blood drop

"type 1 diabetes" ribbon

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Hogwarts Crest

The official crest and motto of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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indigo ribbon

The indigo ribbon represents:

* targeted individuals (bullying, harassment, stalking, systematic harassment/stalking, etc.) awareness

* MRSA (blue)

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jade ribbon

Jade Ribbon Campaign awareness about hepatitis B and liver cancer.

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