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Explore symbols representing diverse concepts, cultures, and disciplines, neatly organized by categories for easy navigation. From religious symbols to those in science, music, and beyond, each category offers a curated selection of visual representations. Whether you're here for education, creative inspiration, or simple curiosity, delve into the rich tapestry of symbols that convey meanings and cultural significance across a broad spectrum. Start your exploration now!

Adinkra symbols484entries
Alchemical Symbols473entries
Animal Symbolism55entries
Astrological Symbols103entries
Astronomical Symbols96entries
Awareness Ribbons55entries
Blueprint Symbols11entries
Celtic Symbols31entries
Chinese Symbols123entries
Computer Games174entries
Corporate Brands161entries
Currency signs35entries
Diver Communication Symbols45entries
Egyptian Hieroglyphs36entries
Engineering Symbols26entries
Food Symbols and Symbolism46entries
Gaming Symbols4entries
Gemstones and Natural Substances35entries
Geometry Symbols24entries
Good Luck Charms/Symbols61entries
Governmental Symbols93entries
Greek Symbols51entries
Hazard Symbols28entries
Hobo Signs103entries
Intellectual Property Symbols16entries
Internet Icons and Symbols37entries
Language Symbols96entries
Laundry Care Symbols47entries
Map Symbolization123entries
Mathematical Symbols145entries
Media Control Symbols19entries
Medical Symbols43entries
Military Symbols87entries
Musical Symbols59entries
Native American Symbols98entries
Navigation Signs160entries
Open Relationship Pride Flag354entries
Passenger/Pedestrian Signs53entries
Peace Symbols28entries
Plants, Trees, and Flowers28entries
Political Symbols107entries
Recycling Codes15entries
Religious Symbols255entries
Rock Carvings and Cave Paintings79entries
Science Fiction and Fantasy Symbols193entries
Sports symbols422entries
Television Series' Symbols107entries
University Symbols32entries
Video Game Symbols149entries
Warning Symbols175entries
Weather Symbols55entries
Wingdings symbols15entries


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