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One of the most symbolic of all fruits, apples have held a central place in the traditions of many cultures.

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Badatz Kashrus Symbol

The Edah HaChareidis, (lit. "Haredi Community"), also known as the Edah for short and popularly as the Badatz, is a prominent Orthodox Jewish communal organization based in Jerusalem, Israel.

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First cultivated in Southeast Asia and New Guinea, the banana is now an important crop in many parts of the world. Although the symbolic meaning of the banana varies quite sharply from area to area, individual connotations can reveal important insights into the cultures from which they originate.

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BC Kosher

The BC Kosher emblem is an internationally recognized trademark of BC Kosher Supervision, one of the primary kosher certification agencies.

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British Egg Industry Council Symbol

The British Egg Industry Council is an organisation set up in 1986 to represent the British egg industry. It currently has 11 member organisations including the British Egg Products Association, the National Farmers Union and the British Free Range Egg Producers' Association. The BEIC operates the British Egg Information Service, which promotes the consumption of eggs to the public.

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Small yet succulent, cherries are an interesting fruit from a symbolic perspective. Separate and distinct from cherry blossoms, the fruit has its own set of meanings, many of which are starkly different from the flower that precedes it.

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Chicago Rabbinical Council Symbol

The Chicago Rabbinical Council (or cRc) is the largest regional Orthodox rabbinical organization in America, located in Chicago, Illinois.

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This is the logo of a fast food branch called “Chick-fil-a”

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Usually associated with tropical climates, elaborate cocktails and high-calorie pastries, the coconut also has cultural symbolism on a more esoteric level.

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The cornucopia is a large horn-shaped container - usually a woven basket overflowing with produce, flowers, or nuts. No two specimens are exactly alike. It's symbolic meaning is associated with a bounteous harvest.

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The cultivation of dates began over 5000 years ago, and the fruit is still an important foodstuff in many parts of the world. In terms of symbolism, the date has much in common with the fig, and aside from the fruit itself, date palm trees hold symbolic importance in their own right.

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Direct Kosher certification symbol

Direct Kosher is a global Kosher certification agency.

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EarthKosher symbol

EarthKosher is a kosher certification agency.

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As one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world, the fig is a potent symbol in many cultures.

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Food safe symbol

The international symbol for food safe material is a wine glass and a fork symbol.

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