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In Vodou, and especially in Haiti, Ayizan (also Grande Ai-Zan, Aizan, or Ayizan Velekete) is the loa of the marketplace and commerce.
Veve of Baron Samedi
Baron Samedi (Baron Saturday, also Baron Samdi, Bawon Samedi, or Bawon Sanmdi) is one of the Loa of Haitian Vodou.
Veve of Damballa
In Vodou, Damballah is one of the most important of all the loa (also spelled lwa). Damballah is the Sky God and considered the primordial creator of all life.
Veve of Papa Legba
In Haitian Vodou, Papa Legba is loa who is the intermediary between the loa and humanity. He stands at a spiritual crossroads and gives (or denies) permission to speak with the spirits of Guinee, and…
Veve of Ogoun
In the Yoruba religion, Ogun (or Ogoun, Ogún, Ogou, Ogum, Oggun) is an orisha (deity) and loa (spirit) who presides over iron, hunting, politics and war
Picnic area
Picnic area
First Aid
First Aid
2 Pallas
Pallas, minor-planet designation 2 Pallas, is the second asteroid to have been discovered (after Ceres), and one of the largest in the Solar System
3 Juno
Juno, minor-planet designation 3 Juno in the Minor Planet Center catalogue system, was the third asteroid to be discovered and is one of the larger main-belt asteroids, being one of the two largest s…
5 Astraea
5 Astraea is a large main-belt asteroid. Its surface is highly reflective (bright) and its composition is probably a mixture of nickel-iron with magnesium- and iron-silicates.
6 Hebe
6 Hebe (pron.: /ˈhiːbiː/ HEE-bee) is a large main-belt asteroid, containing around half a percent of the mass of the belt.
6 Hebe
6 Hebe (pron.: /ˈhiːbiː/ HEE-bee) is a large main-belt asteroid, containing around half a percent of the mass of the belt.
7 Iris
7 Iris is a large main-belt asteroid. Among the S-type asteroids, it ranks fifth in geometric mean diameter after Eunomia, Juno, Amphitrite and Herculina.
9 Metis
9 Metis is one of the larger main-belt asteroids.
11 Parthenope
11 Parthenope is a large, bright main-belt asteroid.
13 Egeria
13 Egeria is a large main-belt G-type asteroid
15 Eunomia
15 Eunomia is a very large asteroid in the inner asteroid belt
16 Psyche
16 Psyche is one of the ten most massive main-belt asteroids. It is over 200 kilometers in diameter and contains a little less than 1% of the mass of the entire asteroid belt. It is the most massive …
18 Melpomene
18 Melpomene is a large, bright main-belt asteroid that was discovered by J. R. Hind on June 24, 1852, and named after Melpomenē, the Muse of tragedy in Greek mythology. It is classified as an S-type…
19 Fortuna
19 Fortuna is one of the largest main-belt asteroids. It has a composition similar to 1 Ceres: a darkly colored surface that is heavily space-weathered with the composition of primitive organic compo…


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