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This page lists all the various symbols in the Miscellaneous category.

Symbols without any special category attribution but that are widely used worldwide.

Symbols in this category:


Like many gemstones, the moonstone possesses a number of different symbolic meanings.

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An image from the Cave of Niaux in southwestern France, probably created around ten thousand years ago by the local Cro-Magnon population.

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The obelisk is an architectural feature that originated in ancient Egypt. Although simple in design, the crafting and transportation of these monolithic masterpieces was a highly involved process, and the form itself took on a number of important symbolic meanings.

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Object replacement character

The object replacement character (), sometimes used to represent an embedded object in a document when it is converted to plain text.

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Obsidian is one of nature’s more curious products. Smooth to the touch, it can hold a razor sharp edge, but cracks and flakes under less pressure than most other stones. Nonetheless, it has a very long history of use by humans, and possesses a number of symbolic meanings.

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Opal is one of the “oddballs” of the gemstone family. Composed primarily of hardened silica, its water content is much higher than most crystalline gems (around 10% of the total mass of many specimens). This makes opals fairly fragile and can cause them to crack easily. On the other hand, opals' high water content and delicate silica structure- which causes their characteristic rainbow coloring- are both key contributors to the stone's symbolic meaning.

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Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries

This is the logo of the Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC)

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Painted Cave

A symbol from the Painted Cave area near Santa Barbara, California, likely created by the Native American Chumash people. No contextual information known at this time.

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Paralympic Symbol

The symbol of the Paralympic Games is composed of three "agitos", colored red, blue, and green, encircling a single point, on a white field.

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Although pearls are not technically 'stones' in the way many other gems are, they still carry a wealth of symbolic meaning. In certain cultures, these beauties are accorded particularly high status, on par with and occasionally surpassing their crystalline brethren.

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Pedra do Ingá #1

A symbol carved on the famous Ingá Stone in northeastern Brazil.

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Pedra do Ingá #2

A symbol carved on the famous Ingá Stone in northeastern Brazil.

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Like many gemstones, the peridot possesses a number of different symbolic meanings.

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A carving that dates from 3500-2500 B.C.E. Discovered at the site of Petit-Mont in Brittany, northwestern France. No contextual information is known at this time.

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Píča (Czech pronunciation: [piːtʃa]), sometimes short piča or pyča [pɪtʃa], is a Czech and Slovak profanity that refers to the vagina.

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