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This page lists all the various symbols in the Miscellaneous category.

Symbols without any special category attribution but that are widely used worldwide.

Symbols in this category:

Blue (color)

The symbolism of the color blue.

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Blue circle for Diabetes

The blue circle is used to represent diabetes awareness.

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Bohemian Grove

This is a logo of the exclusive occultic club Bohemian Grove

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A rock carving discovered in Brazil. No contextual information known at this time.

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Burning Man

Burning Man is an annual event that creates a temporary city in the western United States.

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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

This is the logo for the CBC

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Like many gemstones, carnelian possesses a number of different symbolic meanings.

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Catal Hüyük

This symbol was discovered at the site of Catal Hüyük, a Neolithic settlement in southern Turkey.

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Clavicula Nox

The Clavicula Nox, one of the main symbols of the Draconian magic order Dragon Rouge, is a magickal symbol.

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Found primarily in warm or tropical waters, coral presents a somewhat enigmatic facade that nonetheless carries multiple symbolic meanings.

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Cornicello or Cornetto

A cornicello or cornetto, Italian for "little horn" or "hornlet", is an amulet worn to protect against the evil eye. In the Southern Italian Dialects, it is called cuornuciello or variants thereof.

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Council on Foreign Relations

This is the logo of the Council on Foreign Relations(CFR)

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A symbol discovered on the wall of an ancient building on the Greek island of Crete. Dated to 400 B.C.E. No contextual information known at this time.

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Cueva de los Letreros

Dating back five thousand years, this carving was discovered at Cueva de los Letreros, located near the city of Almeria in southern Spain. No contextual information is known at this time.

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