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Tibetan Aum
Since Buddhism arose out of Hinduism, it is not surprising that the mantra 'Aum' was absorbed into the Buddhist tradition; however, Buddhists almost never transliterate it as ‘Aum,’ but use ‘Om’ inst…
Ticket Purchase
A place where tickets are sold.
Tiějiàng (simplified)
Chinese characters representing "Tiějiàng", which translates as 'Blacksmith'.
In parts of Asia, the tiger supplants the lion as the so-called “King of Beasts”. Its ferocity and majestic appearance have given it important symbolic meaning in cultures throughout the continent.
Tiger (Apple iOS 12.2)
Tiger (zodiac)
The Tiger ( 虎 ), is one of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Tiger is associated with the earthly branch symbol 寅.
Tiger Face (Apple iOS 12.2)
The tilde (/ˈtɪldə/, /ˈtɪldi/; ˜ or ~ or "Squiggly" ) is a grapheme with several uses. The name of the character comes from Portuguese and Spanish, from the Latin titulus meaning "title" or "superscr…
Tilde (Alt)
Time and's logo
Time and's website logo
Time up
Time up - time to turn the dive and start heading back
Timor-Leste (Apple iOS 10.3)
Flag for Timor-Leste
Tin is a chemical element with symbol Sn (for Latin: stannum) and atomic number 50. It is a main group metal in group 14 of the periodic table.
Tin (alternate #2)
An alchemical symbol indicating the metal tin.
Tin (alternate #3)
An alchemical symbol indicating the metal tin.
Tin (alternate #4)
An alchemical symbol indicating the metal tin, specifically tin oxide.
Tin (alternate #5)
An early chemical symbol indicating the metal tin.
The tiratana represents the three most fundamental aspects of Buddhism.
To Begin Anew
A Zibu symbol that means a new beginning.
Togo (Apple iOS 10.3)
Flag for Togo
Tokelau (Apple iOS 10.3)
Flag for Tokelau
Toledo Mud Hens Logo
The Toledo Mud Hens are a Minor League Baseball team located in Toledo, Ohio. The Mud Hens play in the International League and are affiliated with the Detroit Tigers franchise of Major League Baseba…
Toll Road - Israel
The road-sign symbol for a toll road in Israel symbol (Israeli New Shekel currency symbol over road). Route six is currently (Dec. 2005) the only toll road in Israel.
A popular ingredient in many cuisines, tomatoes have made quite an impact on the world ever since they spread beyond their homelands of Mexico and Central America. In terms of symbolism, the tomato s…
Tomato (Samsung One UI 1.0)

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