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The Breitling Logo
Breitling is a Swiss watchmaker based in Grenchen, Switzerland. Founded in 1884 by Léon Breitling in 1884 in Saint-Imier. Breitling is known for precision-made chronometers useful to aviators.
The Broken Rifle
The broken rifle symbol is used by War Resisters' International (WRI) and its affiliates but predates the foundation of WRI in 1921.
The C Letter
This symbol represents the C letter in sign language.
The Celtic Motherhood Knot
Celtic knots, called Icovellavna, are a variety of knots and stylized graphical representations of knots used for decoration, used extensively in the Celtic style of Insular art. These knots are most…
The Celtic Shield
The Celtic shield is often used to ward off evil spirits, and also for protection.
The Chai Symbol
Chai (Hebrew: חַי‎ "living" ḥay) is a Hebrew word that figures prominently in Jewish culture; the Hebrew letters of the word are often used as a visual symbol.
The Chevrolet Symbol
The Chevrolet bowtie logo was introduced by company co-founder William C. Durant in late 1913.
The Citroen Symbol
The origin of the logo may be traced back to a trip made by the 22-year-old André Citroën to Łódź city, Poland, where he discovered an innovative design for a chevron-shaped gear used in milling. He …
The Communist Party USA Symbol
This is the Logo of the Communist Party USA.
The Converse Symbol
While being employed at Converse, one of its employees, Jim Labadini (1968–78), created the chevron and star insignia / logo that still remains on most Converse footwear items.
The D Letter
This symbol represents the D letter in sign language.
The Dark Mark
One of the most iconic symbols of the Harry Potter series, no matter where the Dark Mark appears, it always inspires awe and terror.
The Deathly Hallows
In the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, this symbol represents the Deathly Hallows, three powerful objects that, if united, will give a person the ability to surpass human mortality and overcome …
The Deer Track
Symbol of prosperity, well being, safety and the abundance of prey. Directional indicator and as a clan symbol.
The Dell Symbol
The Dell Logo is a blue circle with the word DELL in it. The 'E' letter is set at an angle to make it more stylish and recognizable.
The Democratic Party Logo
In September, 2010, the Democratic Party unveiled its new logo, which featured a blue D inside a blue circle. It was the party's first official logo, as the donkey logo had only been semi-official.
The Democratic Party Symbol
The most common mascot symbol for the party has been jackass or the donkey.
The Dodge Symbol
For 1932 Dodge cars adopted a leaping ram as the car's hood ornament. Starting with the 1940 models the leaping ram became more streamlined and by 1951 only the head, complete with curving horns, rem…
The E Letter
This symbol represents the E letter in sign language.
The eBay Logo
eBay Inc. is an American multinational internet consumer-to-consumer corporation, headquartered in San Jose, California.
The eight-pointed star
The eight-pointed star appears in cultures around the globe. Eight pointed stars – show up in a variety of different cultures.
The Electronic Switch Symbol
In electrical engineering, a switch is an electrical component that can break an electrical circuit, interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to another.
The endless knot or eternal knot
The endless knot or eternal knot
The Exit Sign
An exit sign is a device in a public facility (such as a building, aircraft or boat) denoting the location of the closest emergency exit in case of fire or other emergency.
The F Letter
This symbol represents the F letter in sign language.

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