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Duck Crossing
Duck crossing sign - Pennsylvania
Animals Crossing - Japan
Animals crossing sign - Japan
Wild Animal Crossing
Wild animal crossing sign - Italy, Germany, Latvia
Wild Fowl
Wild fowl warning sign - U.K.
Reindeer Crossing
Reindeer crossing sign - Norway
Cattle Crossing
Cattle crossing sign - Russia
Wild Animal Crossing
Wild animal crossing sign - Russia
Kangaroo Crossing
Kangaroo crossing sign - Austalia
Camel Crossing
Camel warning sign - UAE
Duck Crossing
Duck crossing sign - Australia
Sheep Crossing
Sheep warning sign - U.K.
Polar Bears
Danger of encountering polar bears - "Applies to all Svalbard"
Wild Elephant Zone
Wild elephant zone sign- Surin, Thailand
Horse Riders
Horse Riders warning sign - U.K.
Equestrians sign - New Zealand
Sheep crossing sign - New Zealand
Moose crossing sign - Sweden
Rhino Area
Rhino Area - Botswana
Farm Animals Crossing
Farm animals crossing sign - China
Ducklings warning sign - Germany
Bear Zone
Bear zone sign - U.S.
Bighorn Sheep Crossing
Bighorn sheep crossing sign - U.S.
Moose Area
Moose area sign - U.S.
Sheep Crossing
Sheep crossing - U.S.
Tractor\Farm Vehicle Crossing
Tractor/Farm vehicle crossing warning sign - U.S.


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