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Closed shape

Ursa Minor (Constellation)
This symbol symbolizes the Constellation Ursa Minor.
Ursa Major (Constellation)
This symbol symbolizes the Constellation Ursa Major.
Penrose Triangle
Dissociative Identity Disorder awareness ribbon
Crazy quilt ribbon for Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality disorder) awareness. DID awareness day is March 5.
Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Awareness Day ribbon
The Severe ME Awareness ribbon is royal blue.
New York Knicks
American professional basketball team.
Winnipeg Jets
American Ice hockey team.
Quaker United Nations Office
A Quaker star with olive branches either side.
Quaker Star 1
The Quaker star originated in the late 19th century and was adopted by Quaker units serving in non-combatant roles during times of war.
Quaker Star 2
The Quaker star originated in the late 19th century and now exists in several versions, one of which has the dove of peace superimposed.
Quaker logo used by Britain Yearly Meeting 1
A logo used by British Quakers.
Thin Blue Line American Flag
Blue Lives Matter symbol, blue meaning police officer (Black, white, and blue)
Samekh Letter
Samekh (Phoenician sāmek
Ogham Letter E - Eadhadh
Eadhadh is the Irish name of the nineteenth letter of the Ogham alphabet, ᚓ.
Ogham Letter OI - Óir
The second Element out of the five aicme forfeda.
The chakana (or Inca Cross) is a stepped cross made up of an equal-armed cross indicating the cardinal points of the compass and a superimposed square. The square is suggested to represent the other …
Sudarshan Chakra
The Sudarshan Chakra is a spinning disk like weapon that has 108 saw-like edges. It is said to be the weapon of the Hindu god Lord Vishnu.
Quaker logo used by Britain Yearly Meeting 2
A Welsh language logo used by British Quakers
Tulasi Plant
Tulasi, also called as the Indian Basil has a lot of significance in the Hindu mythology. People worship the plant like a goddess (deity) and consider it a very sacred plant. Tulasi is an excellent h…
Betel Leaf
The betel leaf, also called as paan ka patta (Hindi), is used in all important Hindu festivals and occasions. It is a simple leaf, yet comes with powerful health benefits and is also an important ing…
⊜ FairCoin
FairCoin by Kaana currency symbol.
Circulation, Alchemical Process
Alchemical process of circulation as seen on the Wheel of Fortune Trump in Robert Place's excellent Alchemical Tarot.
The Earth, Alchemical Symbol
Alchemical symbol for The Earth, our planet, as opposed to the element earth. AKA "The World" in alchemical terms.
Everything #2
Everything finite; the full set of definitive knowledge a system is capable of retrieving and ordering.
The drahna is the symbol for the Korrui religion.