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Straight lines

Do not enter
A French hobo sign indicating that there are traps inside this area and warning others to stay away.
Help for the ill
A hobo sign in both France and Sweden.
Angry dog
A Swedish hobo sign indicating the danger posed by dogs in the area.
One of the signs for "sand" or "arena" in alchemy and early chemistry.
Essence (alchemy)
One of the signs in alchemy and early chemistry for essence.
Honey sign (alternate #4)
One of the alchemists' signs for honey.
Transform into liquid (alternate)
Bearing some resemblance to the astrological sign for Aquarius (which it functions as a version of), in alchemy this symbol indicates that something is transformed into a liquid.
Reverberating furnace
This is an alchemical sign for a reverberating furnace.
Chance of food
Although this symbol has several meanings, in the British system of hobo signs it indicates that the people here sometimes hand out food.
Get what you want
In the US system of hobo signs, this means "here you can get whatever you want"/"they will give you all you ask for".
Watch out for dogs
A French hobo sign that warns of dogs in the yard.
Rough place
A sign from the US system of hobo signs with the meaning "here they'll rough you up".
Friendly people
A sign from the French hobo system meaning "here live friendly people".
Vicious dog
This sign from the French hobo system means "here they have a vicious dog".
Not safe
In the United States system of Hobo signs, these three lines indicate that an area is not safe. For the French meaning of this same sign, see 'We have already been here'.
We have already been here
In the French system of Hobo signs, these three lines indicate that this areas has already been visited. For the American meaning of this same symbol, see 'Not safe'.
Vigilant police
A sign from the French hobo system that warns of alert police officers and to be careful.
A place to sleep
This symbol possesses a number of different connotations (most notably as the "equals" concept in mathematics), but in the British system of hobo signs it indicates that here you can find a place to …
Policeman lives here
A symbol indicating danger. Hobos in the United States, as well as Sweden and Great Britain, place this mark outside the home of a police officer (or as an indicator that the residents have a tendenc…
Hot fire (alchemy)
A sign used in alchemy to represent a particularly intense flame.
An alchemical symbol indicating a flask or a bottle.
Rubber (alternate #1)
A symbol used in 18th century chemistry to indicate rubber.
Amalgam (alternate)
In alchemy, an amalgam is a combination of two different metals.
Philosopher's Stone (alternate)
The philosopher's stone, or lapis philosophorum ('stone of wisdom'), is perhaps the most iconic object in the study of alchemy.
Phosphorus (alchemy)
The alchemical symbol for phosphorus.


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