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Curved lines

Congelation is the process by which something congeals, or thickens.
Digestion (alchemy)
In alchemy, digestion is a process in which gentle heat is applied to a substance over a period of several weeks.
Dissolution is the process by which a solute forms a solution in a solvent.
Distillation is a method of separating mixtures based on differences in volatility of components in a boiling liquid mixture. Distillation is a unit operation, or a physical separation process, and n…
Fermentation typically refers to the conversion of sugar to acids, gases and/or alcohol using yeast or bacteria.
Tumi Te Se Kosua
Power is like an Egg
Pa Gya
Striking of Fire
A tomoe (巴?), also 鞆絵, and tomowe (ともゑ?) in its archaic form, is a Japanese abstract shape described as a swirl that resembles a comma or the usual form of a magatama.
Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing
11 Parthenope
11 Parthenope is a large, bright main-belt asteroid.
12 Victoria
12 Victoria is a large main-belt asteroid.
14 Irene
14 Irene is a large main-belt asteroid, discovered by John Russell Hind on May 19, 1851.
37 Fides
37 Fides (pron.: /ˈfaɪdiːz/ FY-deez) is a large main-belt asteroid. It was discovered by German astronomer Karl Theodor Robert Luther on October 5, 1855, and named after Fides, the Roman goddess of l…
Korean Unification Flag
Korean Unification Flag 1991 - Present
Presidential Standard (South Korea)
Presidential Standard 1967 – present
Flag of the Army (South Korea)
Flag of the South Korean Army
Paralympic Symbol
The symbol of the Paralympic Games is composed of three "agitos", colored red, blue, and green, encircling a single point, on a white field.
Mr. Yuk
Mr. Yuk is a trademarked graphic image, created by the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, and widely employed in the United States in labeling of substances that are poisonous if ingested.
Municipal building (city or ward level)
Municipal building (city or ward level)
Municipal building (town or village level)
Japanese map symbol for municipal building (town or village level)
Government office building
Japanese map symbol for government office building
Other Tree plantation
Japanese map symbol for other plantation
Tea plantation
Japanese map symbol for tea plantation


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