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The Circum Point / Circum Punctum symbolizes Consciousness

The circled dot, circumpunct, or circle with a point at its centre is an ancient symbol. It can represent:


Solar system

•Solar symbol used to represent the Sun

•Solar mass (astronomy)

•The sun / Gold (Alchemical symbols)

•The sun / Ra (Egyptian hieroglyphs)

•The sun / a day (Chinese oracle script, the modern character being 日)

Religion and philosophy

•Keter, (Kabbalah)

•Spirit, (Ojibwa)

Language and linguistics

•Bilabial clicks (International Phonetic Alphabet)

•Hwair (Gothic alphabet)

•Tha (Brāhmī script)

•Eye (Blissymbols)

•Fisheye ◉ (Unicode Geometric Shapes)

Other uses

•A nazar is a circled-dot-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye

•Center of pressure

•Mensuration sign for 9/8 meter

•Used, or cancelled, stamp (philately)

•The trademark of the Target Corporation

•As a symbol of an Entered Apprentice Freemason[1]

•City centre (European road-signs)

•End of trail. Gone home. (scouting)

•The Symbol of "Waterhole" in the Australian Aboroginies Symbol resembles the Circumpunkt

•In Germany it is symbol for a "Gestempelte Briefmarke" (canceled stamp), while a star means "postfrisch" (mint Stamp)

•In geometry, it is often the symbol for a circle

See also

•The Lost Symbol - a novel by Dan Brown that uses this symbol. ”The Lost Symbol” - “The Circumpunct : The symbol of the source. The Origin of all things” - “Maybe we really are all masters of our own universe”


(Excerpt from Adamus’ Abundance Clinic -

“Consciousness - First of all, we have this thing called consciousness. We symbolize it with the circumpunct or the dotted circle. This is as symbol for consciousness. This is you.

The dot in the middle connotates Source, the I Am-ness, your origins.

The circle on the outside represents the expansion that you have done of your soul through all the experiences and all the lifetimes. Very simple.”


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