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Those are parentheses. They basically close off a section in math, and they use the PEMDAS (Order of Operations - Must use in order) protocol (or multiply two numbers) such as:
3(2+3) + 8(2-1) =
(3 x 5) + (8 x 1) =
15 + 8 = 23
Parentheses (Answer what's in the parentheses first)
Exponents (Do the math for the exponents)
Multiplication (Multiply any numbers or variables)
Division (Divide any numbers or variables)
Addition (Add any numbers or variables)
Subtraction (Subtract any numbers or variables)

1 year ago

It means that they agree with what the person above was saying.

1 year ago

Lyrics, Flirting, Teasing

1 year ago

That is a star (for numbers and stuff)

1 year ago

It's a crying face.

1 year ago


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