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Persevering Face (Apple iOS 10.3)
Perth, Scotland
Perth is a city in central Scotland, located on the banks of the River Tay. It is the administrative centre of Perth and Kinross council area and the historic county of Perthshire. According to the …
PET or PETE (polyethylene terephthalate)
Polyethylene terephthalate (sometimes written poly(ethylene terephthalate)), commonly abbreviated PET, PETE, or the obsolete PETP or PET-P, is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family an…
A carving that dates from 3500-2500 B.C.E. Discovered at the site of Petit-Mont in Brittany, northwestern France. No contextual information is known at this time.
pha (Bengali script)
Phantom Dragon egg
Icon used to indicate a Phantom Dragon egg in the game DragonVale.
Pharmacy Symbol - Mortar and Pestle
The two symbols most commonly associated with pharmacy are the mortar and pestle and the ℞ (recipere) character, which is often written as "Rx" in typed text.
Phi is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. In Ancient Greek, it represented an aspirated voiceless bilabial plosive ([pʰ]), which was the origin of its usual romanization as "ph". In modern Greek…
Philadelphia 76ers Logo
76ers in blue and red on a modernized basketball, 13 blue stars above the 7. Inside a blue roundel with PHILADELPHIA arched above and 6 stars below.
Philadelphia Eagles Logo
For several decades, the Eagles' colors were kelly green, silver, and white. In 1954, the Eagles, along with the Baltimore Colts, became the second team ever in the NFL to put a logo on their helmets…
Philadelphia Flyers Logo
The Philadelphia Flyers are an American professional ice hockey team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that competes in the National Hockey League (NHL). They are members of the league's Metropoli…
Philadelphia Phillies Logo
The current team colors, uniform, and logo date to 1992. The main team colors are red and white, with blue serving as a prominent accent. The team name is written in red with a blue star serving as t…
Philadelphia Union FC
This is the logo of MLS team Philadelphia Union FC
Philadelphia Union Logo
The Philadelphia Union is an American professional soccer team based in Chester, Pennsylvania which competes in Major League Soccer (MLS) as a member of the Eastern Conference of the league. The Unio…
Philosopher's Stone
The philosopher's stone, or lapis philosophorum ('stone of wisdom'), is perhaps the most iconic object in the study of alchemy.
Philosopher's Stone (alternate)
The philosopher's stone, or lapis philosophorum ('stone of wisdom'), is perhaps the most iconic object in the study of alchemy.
Phobos (Moon)
Phobos is one of the two moons of Mars. Discovered in 1877.
Phoenician alphabet
The Phoenician alphabet, called by convention the Proto-Canaanite alphabet for inscriptions older than around 1200 BC, was a non-pictographic consonantal alphabet, or abjad. It was used for the writi…
Associated with rebirth and renewal. The phoenix is said to burst into flames, but can rise from its own ashes.
Phoenix Suns Logo
During the sixties and the seventies took place, in the city of Phoenix, the birth of the local basketball franchise, the Phoenix Suns, and the local designers used purple and orange as the main colo…
Phosphorus (alchemy)
The alchemical symbol for phosphorus.
Phosphorus (alternate #1)
An eighteenth century chemical symbol for phosphorus.
Phosphorus (alternate #2)
A sign used in early chemistry to represent phosphorus.
Physical Fitness Badge
The United States Army Physical Fitness Badge is awarded to soldiers who obtain a score of 270 or higher, with a score of 90 or above in each event, on the 300-point scale of the Army Physical Fitnes…
The number pi (symbol: π) /paɪ/ is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and is approximately equal to 3.14159.

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