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New York Knicks Logo
Knicks in orange and blue above orange basketball on grey triangle
New York Mets Logo
The cap logo is identical to the logo used by the New York Giants in their final years, and is on a blue cap reminiscent of the caps worn by the Brooklyn Dodgers. In the primary logo, designed by spo…
New York Rangers Logo
During the tenure of General Manager John Ferguson, Sr., he sought to modernize the Rangers sweater by featuring rounded numbers, a darker shade of blue and the shield logo, which was unveiled in the…
New York Red Bulls FC
This is the logo of MLS team New York Red Bulls FC
New York Red Bulls Logo
The New York Red Bulls are an American professional soccer team based in Harrison, New Jersey. The team competes as a member of the Eastern Conference in Major League Soccer (MLS). The Red Bulls bega…
New York Titans
This is the logo of the American Football League team the New York Titans who became the New York Jets in 1963.
New York Yankees Logo
Throughout much of their tenure as the Highlanders, the logo was variations of a stylized N and Y, which lay separately on either side of the jersey's breast. In 1905, the two locked for one season, …
New Zealand Warriors Logo
The New Zealand Warriors (formerly known as the Auckland Warriors) are a professional rugby league football club based in Auckland, New Zealand. They compete in the National Rugby League (NRL) premie…
Newcastle Knights Logo
The Newcastle Knights are an Australian professional rugby league football club based in Newcastle, New South Wales. They compete in Australasia's premier rugby league competition, the National Rugby…
Newcastle United F.C. Logo
Newcastle United Football Club is an English professional association football club based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Following the club's most recent relegation from the top-flight during the 2015–16 se…
NFL Dallas Texans
This is the logo of the NFL team the Dallas Texans who played in 1952 went bankrupt then became the Baltimore Colts in 1953.
NFPA 704 warning sign
The US-based National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has a standard NFPA 704 using a diamond with four colored sections each with a number indicating severity 0—4 (0 for no hazard, 4 indicates a …
nga (Tagalog Baybayin script)
An image from the Cave of Niaux in southwestern France, probably created around ten thousand years ago by the local Cro-Magnon population.
Nice people
A French hobo sign indicating that nice people live here.
Nickel (alchemy)
A symbol used in alchemy to indicate the metal nickel.
Night (alchemy)
One of several "time signs" used both in alchemy and early chemistry, this one representing night.
Night (alternate)
One of several "time signs" used in alchemy, this one representing night.
Nightshade Dragon egg
Icon used to indicate a Nightshade Dragon egg in the game DragonVale.
Nihon Jitensha Shinkōkai
Nihon Jitensha Shinkōkai, or Japan Keirin Association, often abbreviated NJS, was Japan's Bicycle Promotion Association.
Nine-pointed star
According to the Abjad system of Isopsephy, the word Bahá' has a numerical equivalence of 9, and thus there is frequent use of the number 9 in Bahá'í symbols. The most commonly used symbol connected…
Ninja Kiwi logo
the logo of the game web Ninja Kiwi
Harr Nishaan or Nishaan Sahib " हरि " " ਹਰਿ " is an official copyrighted symbol of Ravidassia religion. The Harr nishan can be found on top of the Ravidassias Bhawans or on the flag, every year the H…
Nitric acid (alchemy)
An alchemical symbol for nitric acid.
Nitric acid (alternate)
An 18th century chemical symbol for nitric acid.

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