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Kickass Torrents
KickassTorrents (commonly abbreviated KAT) is a website, founded in 2008, that provides torrent files and magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.
Kind woman
A British hobo sign that indicates where a kind woman lives.
Kind-hearted women
French- this house is inhabited by kind-hearted women.
Kingdom of Lombardy–Venetia
The Kingdom of Lombardy–Venetia , commonly called the Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom, was a constituent land (crown land) of the Austrian Empire. It was created in 1815 by resolution of the Congress of Vi…
Kissing Face (Apple iOS 10.3)
Kissing Face With Closed Eyes (Apple iOS 10.3)
Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes (Apple iOS 10.3)
The Kitemark was originally conceived in 1903 as a symbol to identify products manufactured to meet British Standards' specifications. ‘Kitemark’ came from the kite shape of the graphic device which …
Kiwi Fruit (Samsung One UI 1.0)
kizi logo
the logo of the game web kizi

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