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Cooking (Samsung One UI 1.5)
An ancient alchemy symbol representing copper.
Alchemy symbol for copper. This was also the symbol for the goddess and the planet Venus.
Copper (alternate)
The meaning of this alchemical symbol is not fully known, but it possibly indicates copper.
Copper Dragon egg
Icon used to indicate a Copper Dragon egg in the game DragonVale.
Copyleft (a play on the word copyright) is the practice of using copyright law to offer the right to distribute copies and modified versions of a work and requiring that the same rights be preserved …
Copyright symbol
The copyright symbol, or copyright sign, designated by © (a circled capital letter "C"), is the symbol used in copyright notices for works other than sound recordings (which are indicated with the ℗ …
Found primarily in warm or tropical waters, coral presents a somewhat enigmatic facade that nonetheless carries multiple symbolic meanings.
Coral Dragon egg
Icon used to indicate a Coral Dragon egg in the game DragonVale.
Coral-Eye Badge
One of four signature items found in a specific story arc of the Pokémon franchise.
Córdoba CF Logo
Córdoba Club de Fútbol, S.A.D. is a Spanish football club based in Córdoba, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Founded in 1954 as Club Deportivo San Álvaro, it plays in the Segunda División, w…
Cornicello or Cornetto
A cornicello or cornetto, Italian for "little horn" or "hornlet", is an amulet worn to protect against the evil eye. In the Southern Italian Dialects, it is called cuornuciello or variants thereof.
The cornucopia is an interesting symbol; from its basic appearance down to the smallest detail, no two specimens are exactly alike. At the same time their symbolic meaning (which doesn’t take much im…
Council on Foreign Relations
This is the logo of the Council on Foreign Relations(CFR)
Counter strike 1.6
Counter strike 1.6 logo
Court house or building
Japanese map symbol for court house or building
Coventry City F.C. Logo
Coventry City Football Club is a professional association football club based in the city of Coventry, West Midlands, England. The team compete in League One, the third tier of the English football l…
Cow (Apple iOS 12.2)
Cow Face (Apple iOS 12.2)

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