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Communist Party of Kampuchea
This is the logo of the of the Communist Party of Kampuchea that ruled Kampuchea from 1975-1979. The Khmer Rouge usually referred to it as Angkar.
Communist Party of the Soviet Union
This is the logo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union that ruled the Soviet Union from 1918-1991.
Community Of Christ
This is the logo of the Community Of Christ(Formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints).
Company logo Ring-Ring®
Ring-Ring® rewards cycle kilometres for both employers/ employees, citizens/ government, entrepreneurs/ customers, insurance companies/clients.
The complement of a set A is the set that contains all elements that are not in set A.
Complex Numbers
Represents the set that contains all complex numbers.
Concert Hall
Concert Hall
Tibetan Buddhists make use of a particular set of eight auspicious symbols, ashtamangala, in household and public art. Some common interpretations are given although each symbol although different te…
Vessel under sail & power
Congelation is the process by which something congeals, or thickens.
Means "has the same measurements of".
Conifer Dragon Egg
Icon used to indicate a Conifer Dragon egg in the game Dragonvale.
Coniferous forest or woods
Japanese map symbol for coniferous forest or woods
Conjunction (astology)
0° angle/two or more planets in the same sign A circle with a line implying two objects are in the same place (also, the starting point of an angle)
Connecticut (50 State Quarter)
From 1999 to 2008, the United States Mint issued a series of special commemorative coins known as the “50 State Quarters”.
A connector is used to represent that the flow is continued elsewhere on the flowchart. Typically capital letters are used in the circle as labels.
ConsciousCreation™ is the merge of The Spiral as Creation (….Spiral, Fractal, YinYang, Flower of Life, Metatron Cube, Hunab Ku and Owia kokroko all related to Creation) and The Circled Dot/Circum Poi…
Constitution Party
This is a logo of the US third political party,The Constitution Party
Construction sign - France
Construction sign - Poland
Construction Ahead
Construction ahead sign - Canada
Construction Sign
Construction Sign - Italy
Cooked Rice (Samsung One UI 1.5)
Cookie (Samsung One UI 1.5)
cookie clicker logo
the logo of the game cookie clicker (the cookie itself)

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