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The term sauwastika (or sauvastika) is sometimes used to distinguish the left-facing from the right-facing swastika symbol, a meaning which developed in 19th century scholarship.

The left-facing variant is favoured in Bon and Gurung Dharma; it is called yungdrung in Bon and Gurung Yantra in Gurung Dharma. Both the right-facing and left-facing variants are employed in Hinduism and Buddhism however, the left-facing is more commonly used in Buddhism than Hinduism and the right-facing is more commonly used in Hinduism than Buddhism.

In Buddhism the left-facing sauwastika imprinted on the chest, feet, palms of Buddha and also the first of the 65 auspicious symbols on the footprint of the Buddha. In Hinduism the left-facing sauwastika is associated with esoteric tantric practices and often stands for Goddess Kali.


Graphical characteristics:
Asymmetric, Open shape, Monochrome, Contains straight lines, Has crossing lines.

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1 Comment
  • angelspawn
    Courtney - you have a detailed description of both the right-facing svastika and the left-facing one. HOWEVER, you don’t illustrate which is which! I assume that the symbol shown is the right-facing version, but that’s not specified.
    You may also want to mention that the nazi symbol is the opposite facing to the one shown and canted 45 degrees.
    And WTH is a swaggstaca??
    LikeReply1 year ago


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