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From the age of fifteen, Cometan committed his life to founding a religious and philosophical movement that came to be known as Astronism and that continues to revolutionise the way people around the world view the stars of the night sky. Cometan's cosmic religion has inspired many to see the astronomical world as a source of faith, belief, and meaning for their life. Cometan is currently researching for his PhD in freedom of religion.

Born Brandon Reece Taylor (later changed to Taylorian) on Wednesday 1st of July 1998 to hairdresser "Janet" Louise Counsell (née Warbrick) and business owner Sean Frederick Taylor, Cometan became mononymous at the age of nineteen, choosing the particular title of Cometan due to its etymology "follower of the comet." Cometan was born in what was then the town of Preston (now a city) in the English county of Lancashire in the United Kingdom. At the time of his birth, he had one half-sister named Lucia Natalie Richardson (born 1989) and had two sets of loving grandparents. Cometan lived all of his childhood and adolescent years in and around the city of Preston in villages and towns like Hoghton, Bamber Bridge, Eccleston, Leyland and Penwortham.

Cometan's childhood was shaped by two main events. First, the separation of his parents at the age of four and second, his upbringing by his paternal grandmother, Irene Mary Taylor (1932-2015), who is known today as a Traditionalist Catholic religious figure and whose Cause for Beatification has recently be initiated by her grandson Cometan. Like for any child of separated parents, this event had a significant impact on Cometan throughout his childhood and adolescence as he described feeling "between families" and "without belonging" for many of these years. His grandmother, Irene, alongside his maternal grandmother, Hilda Warbrick (born 1937), took turns to look after their grandson and Cometan was close with both of them. However, it was his grandmother Irene who had a particular lasting affect on Cometan due to her ardent adherence to Traditionalist interpretation of Roman Catholicism. From birth, Cometan's life was a deeply religious one; attendance to church, learning the catechism, surrounded by figures of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and many saints emblematised Cometan's future vocation. Cometan would later reflect on his childhood to say that this deeply religious and Catholic upbringing that his grandmother instilled cemented his destiny to become a religious figure and to interpret the universe's largest questions in his own way; the Cometanic way.


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