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AURA, the Anglican United Refugee Alliance, is a Sponsorship Agreement Holder with the Government of Canada
Auroch Dragon Egg
Icon used to indicate an Auroch Dragon egg in the game Dragonvale.
Aurum fulminans
Translated from Latin, aurum fulminans means "flashing gold" or "shining gold".
Aurum musivum (alchemy)
This alchemical substance, also known as stannum sulphuratum, is a compound of tin and sulphur.
Austin FC
This is the logo of MLS expansion team Austin FC who will begin playing in 2021
Austrian Empire
This article is about the realms of the Habsburgs between 1804 and 1867. For the Habsburg realms more generally, see Habsburg Monarchy. For the Austrian Empire after the compromise of 1867, see Austr…
A symbol from the French system of hobo signs indicating that an authority figure lives at this location.
An old Germanic sign for the season of Autumn, used in clog almanacs.
The letters "au" rendered in Sinhala.
Avanyu Symbol
The Avanyu symbol is one of the many snake-like deities that figure in the mythology of some Native American tribes, notably the Pueblo.
avast logo
the logo of the anivirus avast
AVEN triangle
The AVEN triangle representing asexuality.
AVG logo
the logo of the antivirus AVG
Avocado (Samsung One UI 1.0)
Avoid this place
A French hobo sign that says to stay away, this place is dangerous.
Avoid this place (alternative)
A French hobo sign that says to stay away, this place is dangerous.
Awen Symbol
In some forms of Neo-Druidism the term is symbolized by an emblem showing three straight lines that spread apart as they move downward, drawn within a circle or a series of circles of varying thickne…
The letter "a" rendered in Sinhala.
Ayin or Ayn is the sixteenth letter of the Semitic abjad, including Phoenician ʿayin Phoenician ayin.svg, Hebrew ʿayin ע, Aramaic ʿē Ayin.svg, Syriac ʿē ܥ, and Arabic ʿayn ع (where it is sixteenth in…
Ayin Letter
Ayin (also ayn or ain; transliterated ⟨ʿ⟩) is the sixteenth letter of the Semitic abjads, including Phoenician ʿayin , Hebrew ʿayin ע, Aramaic ʿē , Syriac ʿē ܥ, and Arabic ʿayn ع‎ (where it is sixtee…
In Vodou, and especially in Haiti, Ayizan (also Grande Ai-Zan, Aizan, or Ayizan Velekete) is the loa of the marketplace and commerce.
Azeri Manat
The Manat (code: AZN) is the currency of Azerbaijan. It is subdivided into 100 qəpik.
Aztec Sun Stone
Prior to the arrival of Europeans in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, the Aztecs were the mightiest civilization ever seen in the Americas. While much of their culture was destroyed, lost and/…
Að unni
So a girl loves a man.

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