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The energy of Eros, if used for creative purposes, would awaken Kundalini. This energy would rise like mercury, up to the first chakra on the head. Thus man would obtain the union of opposites, Awakening, Enlightenment, Knowledge.

In Greek mythology the various prototypes of our species are described. The primitive man-god had no notion of good and evil. It symbolizes the union of the two principles of creation. The male and female element. In Plato's Symposium, the playwright Aristofane narrates the myth of the two halves.

They were the first beings, who by their power were likened to gods. They inspired trepidation to the same deities. Zeus divided them in two for this reason. Humans were once perfect beings, and there was no distinction between men and women. But Zeus, envious of such perfection, split them in two, since then each of us is in constant search of his own half: perfection.

In 385 BC, Plato composed the Symposium. The central theme is the eulogy of Eros pronounced through seven speeches, represented by seven different characters. The speech of Eros has been repeated several times by the Greek philosophers. It was said that the powerful nature of Eros was not commonly known.

This energy is able to build palaces, temples and thanks to it you can find love. Eros, in fact, represents in oriental mysticism, the sexual energy of Kundalini, which if awakened has enormous creative power.

The snake in other myths, invited the man to split the opposites. This animal has many roles in legends, the most common is the representation of matter, in its primitive, negative and positive state. The animal also represents the tempting woman of material pleasures, but in some peoples she represents knowledge.

The Kundalini energy, in the oriental philosophy is represented by a goddess, but also by a snake. At the moment when this energy is awakened, man must be able to control it, because his own power could depress it.

The original message was that of energy control through enlightenment, as in the Golden Age. They are in fact the same forces of matter that represent evil. These must be transmuted into the forces of good. Only by controlling evil can goodness triumph. Instinctive and material force, sexual energy, can be used for creativity and the construction of our mental evolution. The control of matter takes place only after a long exile from the material itself, through the purification of meditation. Eastern philosophy teaches that man will know how to recognize opposites, good from evil, good from bad, right action from wrong, only after having known himself.


Many myths tell that human beings, after the split, will be able to access the spirit world again, to the Celestial dimension.

In many myths the story of the first being is told. An ancient tradition describes the First Being, Adam, depicting it as an androgynous being. The name Adam in Aramaic means unique: Ad = Unique. Ad-am = Only. In the Greek philosophy Adam corresponded to Prometheus or Cronos. According to the Jewish mystics Cadmon, while for the ancient Egyptians it was Hermes, the messenger of the gods, for the Hindu Shiva. In the Sumerian tablets, the biblical Adam was called LuLu.

Contemporary legends see, in this myth, the explanation of the first Man Sapiens of history. It was the fusion of Homo Erectus with the genes of the gods. LuLu means "one who has been mixed". This creation took place about three hundred thousand years ago. Thus Eve was also created. The Genesis and Exodus were written by the class of Hebrew priests called Levites, in 586 BC. A very recent period, if we consider our broad historical journey. These Hebrew priests were brought to Babylon. This city was in the Sumerian lands. As the Sumerians spoke of Edin, the place of the righteous, Genesis also speaks to us of the Eden of the Earth. [1] The populations of Central America, the descendants of the Maya call this place Atzlan. And according to their culture, this Eden was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, so it was the island of Atlantis. Eden was the center where the gods lived. The first Adam is thus created male-female, that is, androgynous in the image and likeness of God. While the latter was created by the dust of the earth, it then became a living soul.

The metaphorical meaning of the first Heavenly Adam enclosed both the man-woman natures. But the myth could also be interpreted as the testimony of the regenerated man. The search for that perfect Celestial form, which was originally. This makes us understand how much the myths are connected to each other, and makes us reflect to what extent the coincidence exists in the legend.

The myth coincides with another myth, from the moment in which the equality of the archetypes in the collective imaginary, they interact with a universal basic coincidence. It resides in the unconscious of man. This important link also coincides with a historical truth in the different traditions and periods of human history.

In any case, the logical equality of the archetypes does not reveal the mystery of their existence.

Historical coincidences arise from the evolution of man, they are linked through the ancient universal archetypes. Apparently, the myths seem so many and different from each other. A deeper analysis reveals instead that many myths are linked by a single origin, which reappears in any age through coincidences.

The methodological analysis of historical coincidences must be carried out by observing and comparing the legends pertaining to the various Civilizations. The union of all philosophies makes clear the path of myths, mutation and meaning. As we have seen, the myth of creation is present in all myths. This is the original message itself, of the return to the first Celestial being, through the awakening and control of the energy of Eros.

According to the Eastern tradition, the one who succeeds in taming the instincts, to have control of this energy, means that he managed to channel the latent energy from the first Chakra to the last chakra. Precisely the seventh, which corresponds, in the Jewish tradition to Keter, or the crown, the first Sefiroth.

This knowledge of the Chakras, points of energy, or of the ten Sefiroth, we find for example from the beginning, in the caduceus of the mythical Greek character Hermes, father of Hermaphrodite. This character dates back to the origins of the history of humanity. God Taaytos was called by the Phoenicians. The Egyptians called him Tat or Toyt, near the Alexandrians it was called Thoth. In Hebrew myth, it corresponds to the third son of Adam or Seth, and was therefore an ancestor of Noah. This character was then identified with Hermes by the Greeks, and Mercury by the Romans. Hermes also corresponds to the mythical figure of Hermes Trimegistus, or Trismegistus. Hermes was the father of hermaphrodite and male descendant of Atlas. So another connection with the myth of Atlantis. Was it from the Atlantean civilization? Taay, Tos, Tat, Toyt, Thoth, Seth, Hermes, Hermes Trismegistus, or Trimegistus and Mercury, are all names of a single deity, which according to a specific historical period, has been seen differently. Hermes the messenger, was a mediator between men and gods. He was in direct contact with the gods of heaven, and took part in their heavenly encounters. He was revered as an inventor of writing. According to the Greek representation, it was represented with the famous caduceus around which two snakes were wrapped. The current symbol of the category of doctors. The caduceus, like the thermometer, whose mercury rises up if heated.

In my research on symbolic coincidence, it symbolizes the energy that is found in the first chakra, kundalini, which rises up to the seventh chakra, if stimulated by the heat of Eros. According to contemporary legends, however, this symbol also recalls the image of the d.n.a .. The ancients, according to recent stories, knew the genetics and did experiments of cloning. The representation of the rod, with the snake wrapped on it is very old, is lost in the mists of time. This image has been used by many ancient civilizations and we find it also on the cave paintings, up to the Hellenic culture. The caduceus of Hermes is the symbol of knowledge, and was originally inherited by the god Aesculapius, god of medicine. The iconography is transformed into a rod, with two snakes facing each other. The symbol evolves in the same Greek culture. We find it again in the depiction of Hermes.

As we have seen, according to Hindu Eastern philosophy, in the first chakra lies latent energy. This is figuratively represented by a serpent coiled on itself. The energy of Eros, if used for creative purposes, would awaken Kundalini. This energy would rise like mercury, up to the first chakra on the head. Thus man would obtain the union of opposites, Awakening, Enlightenment, Knowledge.

The sexual power transformed into intellectual energy. The material efficiency transformed into immaterial energy, the earthly vitality transformed into Celestial energy. It is an arduous and difficult journey. According to the Eastern alchemical tradition, the same accumulated energy, if not directed for a purpose, could be harmful.

In most of the myths, we can say that the message of the first evolved beings, who lived in the Earthly Paradise or Golden Age, of peace and well-being, was transmitted through art and symbols. The evolved being is an earthly angel who helps men through evolved and unconditional love. His message is of peace, love, solidarity, virtue and knowledge.

The Heavenly Man is a man who, as we have said, has emerged from the wheel of reincarnations. He can decide to continue his existence on Earth, to help his neighbor evolve. He possesses a high sensory perception, since he has passed all karmic tests. His mind is directly tuned with the Celestial spheres. He is a Celestial messenger. He is an Earthly Angel, in communication with the Celestial Angels, who in turn are connected to other entities. Man's fantasy combined with truth, gives rise to new myths, thus regenerating the knowledge of human beings.


In Christianity the problem of the myth of Paradise is impeccably addressed by St. Augustine: "Videbimus, amabimus, gaudebimus". Declaring that the question of the belief of Paradise is not up to the faith that makes us Christians, and that we can believe, back to it, the true or the false without any risk of heterodoxy.

Aesculapius, in Greece, was portrayed bearded with this rod. A snake is wound around the staff, symbol of knowledge and wisdom. This fetish represents the tree of knowledge.

Extract from the book "Mythological Secret. Coincidences in art, myths and contemporary legends" by Luca Falace


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