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D (Delta)
"Keep clear of me; I am maneuvering with difficulty." With two, four, or six numerals, date.
D or 4
Semaphore character meaning D or 4
Dabi Me Nsoro-Mo Bepue
My star will shine one day.
Dagaz (alternate)
A dagger, or obelisk, U+2020 † dagger (HTML: † †), is a typographical symbol or glyph. The term "obelisk" derives from Greek ὀβελίσκος (obeliskos), which means "little obelus"; from A…
Dallas Cowboys
Official logo of the Dallas Cowboys professional football team.
Dame Dame
Name of a board game.
Danger in that direction
Where this sign is found, it means that that place is dangerous.
Danger of arrest
In the British system of hobo signs, this symbol means that the people here will try to get you arrested, so beware.
Dangerous inhabitants
A sign in both the Swedish and British hobo systems:
daredevil symbol
marvel's daredevil symbol
Darwin Fish
The Darwin fish is an ichthys symbol with "evolved" legs and feet attached and often with the word Darwin inside (like the ΙΧΘΥΣ or Jesus found in some Christian versions). It symbolizes the sci…
Data (Input/Output)
Indicates that data is to be inputted into a process or that data is to be outputted from the process.
The cultivation of dates began over 5000 years ago and the fruit is still an important foodstuff in many parts of the world today. In terms of symbolism, the date has much in common with the fig, and…
Day (alchemy)
While this symbol can have different meanings in different fields, in the alchemical traditions of the Middle Ages it was used as a "time sign" to indicate day.
Day Care
Day Care
Day of Tiburtius
A symbol from the clog almanacs used in Medieval Sweden.
Day of Tiburtius (alternate #1)
A symbol from the clog almanacs used in Medieval Sweden.
Day of Tiburtius (alternate #2)
A symbol from the clog almanacs used in Medieval Sweden.
Days and Nights Symbol
The meaning of the Days and Nights symbol was to signify the passing of time.
Death Symbol – Ojibwa Gravepost
The Ojibwa tribe marked the death and burial of a tribe member as shown in the picture of an Ojibwa Grave post – refer to grave post symbols.
Decent policeman
French hobo sign- the policeman in this area is all right.

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