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The statement "A or B" is true if A or B is true
Orange (fruit)
This brightly colored citrus fruit was first cultivated in eastern Asia, and has since spread to many other parts of the world. While the fruit itself and its peel are used in a variety of culinary t…
orange and black ribbon
Ribbon of Saint George; commemoration of World War II in Post-Soviet countries
Orange ribbon
The orange ribbon represents: * free software awareness/advocacy * leukemia awareness * multiple sclerosis awareness * Self Injury Awareness Day * malnutrition awareness * energy awareness in …
Japanese map symbol for orchard
Ordered Pair
A set of two elements.
Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.)
('Order of the Temple of the East' or 'Order of Oriental Templars')
Oricalchum argentatum
In alchemy, oricalchum argentatum is a name for brass that has been coated in silver.
Orlando City SC Logo
Orlando City SC is an American professional soccer club based in Orlando, Florida that competes as a member of the Eastern Conference in Major League Soccer (MLS). Orlando City SC began play in 2015 …
Orlando Magic Logo
Magic in blue arched beneath Orlando in black above a basketball.
Orthodox cross
The Orthodox, Byzantine or Russian (Orthodox) Cross is a variation of the Christian cross, commonly found in Eastern Orthodox Churches.
Orthodox Union Symbol
The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (UOJCA), more popularly known as the Orthodox Union (OU), is one of the oldest Orthodox Jewish organizations in the United States. It is best kno…

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