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Dry Clean, Reduced Moisture
Dry Clean, Reduced Moisture
Dry Clean, Short Cycle
Dry Clean, Short Cycle
Dry Flat
Dry Flat
Dry In Shade
Dry In Shade
Wooden Comb
Compared to other birds such as the peacock or the eagle, the duck seems like a rather unimpressive and unremarkable fowl. Appearances are often deceptive, however, and this creature has more symboli…
Duck Crossing
Duck crossing sign - Pennsylvania
Duck Crossing
Duck crossing sign - Australia
Duck tracks
Identifying animal tracks of the Duck indicates a need for patience and calm.
Ducklings warning sign - Germany
Duke University Seal
The history of the seal and motto of Duke University has been mercurial with an unpredictable changeableness through the years. With the adoption of a shield, primarily for marketing, the official se…
Duke University Symbol
The Duke University Health System, combines the Duke University School of Medicine, the Duke University School of Nursing, the Duke Clinic, and the member hospitals into a system of research, clinica…
Dungeon Dragon egg
Icon used to indicate a Dungeon Dragon egg in the game DragonVale.
Dunkin' Donuts Logo
The Dunkin' Donuts logo is two Ds side by side in orange and hot pink, placed on a coffee cup next to the words "Dunkin' Donuts" written in orange and hot pink.
Durham Bulls Logo
The Durham Bulls are a Triple-A minor league baseball team that currently plays in the International League. The Bulls play their home games at Durham Bulls Athletic Park located in the downtown area…
Duststorm or sandstorm
Duststorm or sandstorm within sight at the time of observation, or at the station during the preceding hour
Dwarf pine forest or woods
Japanese map symbol for dwarf pine forest or woods
Ram's horns
Dynamo Badge
One of eight signature items found in the third generation of the Pokémon franchise.

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