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Ceration is a chemical process, a common practice in alchemy.
Ceres, minor-planet designation 1 Ceres, is the only dwarf planet in the inner Solar System, and the largest asteroid. It is a rock–ice body 950 km (590 mi) in diameter, and the smallest identified d…
CF Extremadura Logo
Club de Fútbol Extremadura was a Spanish football team based in Almendralejo, in the autonomous community of Extremadura. Founded in 1924, it played two seasons in La Liga, and held home games at Est…
cha (Bengali script)
Chance of food
Although this symbol has several meanings, in the British system of hobo signs it indicates that the people here sometimes hand out food.
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Symbol
The mission of 

CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is to build an enduring sanctuary of visionary art 
to inspire and evolve the creative spirit.
Charlotte Hornets Logo
When the Hornets were first introduced, the logo was of a teal and purple scowl-faced anthropomorphic hornet wearing white shoes and gloves dribbling an orange basketball. The words 'Charlotte Hornet…
Charlotte Knights Logo
The Charlotte Knights are a minor league baseball team in Charlotte, North Carolina. The team, which plays in the International League, is the Triple-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox of the Ameri…
Charlton Athletic F.C. Logo
Charlton Athletic Football Club is a professional association football club based in Charlton, Royal borough of Greenwich, London, England. They play in League One, the third tier of English football.
Cháhuā (simplified)
Chinese characters representing "Cháhuā", which translates as 'Camellia'.
cheat engine logo
the cheat engine logo
Check mark
A check mark or tick is a symbol used to indicate the concept "yes".
Cheese Wedge (Samsung One UI 1.5)
Chelsea F.C.
Since the club's foundation, Chelsea have had four main crests, though all underwent minor variations. In 1905, Chelsea adopted as their first crest the image of a Chelsea pensioner, which contribute…
Chelsea F.C. Logo
Chelsea Football Club (/ˈtʃɛlsiː/) is an English professional football club based in Fulham, London, that competes in the Premier League. Founded in 1905, the club's home ground since then has been S…
Chemical weapon symbol
Chemical weapon symbol
Cheng Hsin
Consciousness and Skill Worldwide
Cherries (Samsung One UI 1.0)
Small yet succulent, cherries are an interesting fruit from a symbolic perspective. Separate and distinct from cherry blossoms, the fruit has its own set of meanings, many of which are starkly differ…
Cherry Blossom
Soft, delicate and beautiful, the cherry blossom is one of the world’s most admired flowers. This admiration is particularly strong in Japan, where cherry blossoms have been held in high esteem for c…
Indicates a good crop/harvest for the year.
Chestnut (Samsung One UI 1.5)
Chevron Logo
The Chevron new logo was first unveiled on May 10, 2005. It did not come into full use until 2006.
Chi is the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet, pronounced /ˈkaɪ/ or /ˈkiː/ in English.

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