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Wolf (zodiac)

This page is about the meaning, origin and characteristic of the symbol, emblem, seal, sign, logo or flag: Wolf (zodiac).

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Wolf: Feb 19 - Mar 20

The Wolf is tied to Nature and Man

A passionate lover of all things physical and spiritual, the Wolf maintains an emotional tie to nature and humankind. The Wolf understands that all we need is love, and is fully capable of providing it.

The Wolf is an Enigma

Combined with his/her fierce desire for independence – this Native American animal symbol is a bit of an enigma. The Wolf needs freedom, yet still being quite gentle and loving – we get the picture of the “lone wolf” with this sign.

The Wolf in Good Times

Affectionate and gentle

In a positive environment the Wolf is intensely passionate, generous, deeply affectionate, and gentle.

A loving mate

The Wolf makes a steady and loving mate when things are at peace.

The Wolf in Bad Times


In a negative environment the Wolf can become impractical, recalcitrant, obsessive, and vindictive.


Left alone the Wolf loses his/her composure and becomes wild and vengeful, prone to vicious personal attacks.


Graphical characteristics:
Asymmetric, Closed shape, Colorful, Contains curved lines, Has no crossing lines.

Categories: Astrological Symbols, Native American Symbols.

Wolf (zodiac) is part of the Native American Zodiac group.

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