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Flag of Oklahoma
The flag of the state of Oklahoma consists of a traditional Osage Nation buffalo-skin shield with seven eagle feathers on a sky blue field.
A stave used when making necropants (nábrók), a pair of pants made from the skin of a dead man that are capable of producing an endless supply of money.
When it comes to natural phenomena, there are few things more intangible (for lack of a better term) than rainbows: you can’t pick them up in your hand like a rock; you can’t hear them like a thunder…
Blue (color)
The symbolism of the color blue.
Drum Symbol
The meaning of the Drum symbol was to signify the heartbeat of mother earth.
The Sigil of Dominionism.
An inscribed Infinity Cross Sigil.
RSD-CRPS Awareness
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy now known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Hull City A.F.C. Logo
Hull City Association Football Club (/ˈhʌl ˈsɪti/) is a professional association football club based in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It was founded in 1904. The club participates in the P…
It's not much of an exaggeration to say that snakes are the most symbolically charged members of the entire animal kingdom. All across the world, snakes have occupied the entire spectrum between reve…
Quartz (rock crystal)
Compared to most of its gemstone cousins, quartz is not particularly valuable. Rarity is a significant factor in the monetary worth of many gemstones, and as one of the most abundant materials in the…
House Bolton
The sigil of House Bolton from Game of Thrones.
The Dark Mark
One of the most iconic symbols of the Harry Potter series, no matter where the Dark Mark appears, it always inspires awe and terror.
In parts of Asia, the tiger supplants the lion as the so-called “King of Beasts”. Its ferocity and majestic appearance have given it important symbolic meaning in cultures throughout the continent.
Although indigenous to the Indian sub-continent, the peacock has spread far beyond its native land and acquired symbolic meaning in a number of diverse cultures.
Flag of Tanzania
The flag of Tanzania was adopted on 30 June 1964. It was a merger of the flags of Tanganyika and Zanzibar.
Beauty Salon
A beauty salon or beauty parlor (beauty parlour) (or sometimes beauty shop) is an establishment dealing with cosmetic treatments for men and women.
The Sulfur Symbol
Alchemical symbol for sulfur.

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