Woodpecker (zodiac)

 Lynn Atchison Beech
Woodpecker (zodiac)

Woodpecker: Jun 21 - Jul 21

Woodpeckers are engaging

Woodpeckers are usually the most engaging of all the Native American animal symbols.

Woodpeckers are Supportive

The consummate listener, totally empathic and understanding, the Woodpecker is the one to have on your side when you need support. Of course, they make wonderful parents, and equally wonderful friends and partners.

The Woodpecker is Organized

Another proverbial feather in the Woodpeckers cap is the tendency to be naturally frugal, resourceful, and organized.

The Woodpecker in Good Times


In a positive environment the Woodpecker is of course caring, devoted, and very romantic.

Good providers

They value their home and family, providing both support and material resources.

Bad Times


Left to his/her own devices the Woodpecker can be possessive, angry, jealous, and spiteful.

Poor companion

Not a good person to be around when the going gets tough.

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