R (Romeo)

 Lynn Atchison Beech
R (Romeo)

"The way is off my ship."

With one or more numerals, distance (range) in nautical miles.

U.S. Navy Meaning:

Romeo at Dip: Romeo flag is located 3⁄4 way up toward the point of the hoist. On the control ship, it means, "I am steady on course and speed and am prepared to receive you alongside on side indicated." On the approaching ship, it means, "I am ready to come alongside."

Romeo Close Up: Romeo flag is at the top of the hoist, touching the point of the hoist or as high as it will go. On the control ship, it means, "I am ready for your approach.: On the approach ship, it means, "I am commencing my approach."

Romeo Hauled Down: This means the first messenger is in hand for controlling and receiving ship.

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