Purple awareness ribbon

 Lynn Atchison Beech
Purple awareness ribbon

The purple awareness ribbon represents numerous causes:

*Alzheimer's disease awareness

*Animal cruelty/animal welfare

*Arnold–Chiari malformation awareness

*Childhood hemiplegia and stroke awareness

*Child neglect awareness and prevention

*Cystic fibrosis awareness

*Domestic violence awareness

*Drug overdose awareness

*Fibromyalgia awareness

*General cancer awareness

*Gilmore Awareness Campaign

*Hidradenitis suppurativa awareness


*Lupus awareness

*March of Dimes awareness

*Migraine awareness

*Orca whale awareness and protection

*Pagan Pride

*Pancreatic cancer awareness

*Peripheral neuropathy awareness

*Spirit Day and victims of homophobia

*Sarcoidosis awareness

*Suicide prevention

*Testicular cancer awareness

*Workers' Memorial Day

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