Owl (zodiac)

 Lynn Atchison Beech
Owl (zodiac)

Owl: Nov 23 - Dec 21

The Owl is cordial and inviting

The Owl’s path, like the wind, can change direction on a moments notice. They are difficult to follow but for those who can keep up with this Native American zodiac animal will find them to be cordial and inviting. Friends to all that they meet the Owl is a natural ally and helpmate.

The Owl lives life to the full

Those who bear the sign of this Native American zodiac animal live life to the full. Their spirit of adventure takes them far and wide in their travels.

The Owl is best at Teaching and Creating Art

Owls can excel in just about anything that they do but are at their best when teaching, creating art or when they become involved in outdoor occupations.

The Owl in Good Times

Confidant and advisor

When they are among those that they love or in a situation of power the Owl is the best of friends to all. In a family circle the Owl serves as a confidant and advisor.


They will listen intently to the thoughts and ideas of their peers adding their own enthusiasm to the task at hand.

Bad Times

Devious and diabolical

In a negatively charged environment or when attacked the Owl will resort to devious and diabolical modes of behavior.

Self centered

They can become terribly self centered and selfish.

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