Otter (zodiac)

 Lynn Atchison Beech
Otter (zodiac)

Otter: Jan 20 - Feb 18

The Otter is Unconventional

The Otter is a difficult Native American animal to understand. They follow their own drummer and shun conventionality like the plague. They are creative individuals who are often misunderstood. The ideas of the Otter are usually quite brilliant but are subject to misunderstanding by other less imaginative Native American animal signs.

The Otter is far ahead of the Crowd

The Otter doesn’t think like everyone else. Their imagination and creative flights of fancy take them beyond conventional thinking into a realm few others can go. Because of the quick wits and out of the box thinking of the Otter others tend to see them as air heads or fools. This is a big mistake as they are usually far ahead of the crowd.

Good Times and the Otter

Friend and helpmate

The Otter can be the very best companion you will ever find and a valuable helpmate.

Good qualities

They have a multitude of good qualities such as honesty, concern, courage and sensitivity.

Bad Times and the Otter

Reclusive rebel

When things are not going their way the Otter will often withdraw from society and become a reclusive rebel.


This state of affairs can be destructive to the Otter and those around them.