openInvent™ sticker Design 2k18

 Ember Autumn Rose Leona
openInvent™ sticker Design 2k18

openInvent™ text is made into a sticker design which was release to public domain for promotion and printing

You are free to download and print this sticker or crop out your favorite colors even change the background color to black or create a vector from it using or software like Inkscape.

If you are interested in joining the please send a SASE and a small photo and business card info or business card so that this info can be laminated onto your card see for an example membership card. If you want a sticker send that SASE the first 8 people will also get a rare Inkscape sticker.

Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

Ember AR Leona

250 South Lyon Ave Ste E 108

Hemet, CA 92543