Kan\Kani (Asomtavruli script)

 Jesse Brauner
Kan\Kani (Asomtavruli script)

The letter "K" as rendered in the Georgian alphabet.

The Georgian alphabet was influenced by ancient Greek and Iranian scripts, but over the centuries has evolved into something uniquely Georgian.*

When exactly the Georgian alphabet was created is unknown, and it has gone through a number of transitions in its lifetime. The earliest example – dating from the 5th century CE – is written in a script called Asomtavruli or "capital letter", as its letters displayed a uniform height. By the 9th century CE, Asomtavruli had evolved into the Kutkhovani or "angular" script, and by the 13th century, Mkhedruli had become the dominant script for secular writing. The older scripts continued to be used in religious works, but eventually gave way to Mkhedruli as well.*

Modern Georgian is essentially the Mkhedruli script. Although Georgian does not truly have "capital letters" as such, the ancient Asomtavruli script has been used to denote names and the start of sentences, much like capital letters in traditional Greek and Latin alphabets.*


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