Goose (zodiac)

 Lynn Atchison Beech
Goose (zodiac)

Goose: Dec 22 - Jan 19

The Goose is Goal Driven

Driven by the desire to succeed the Goose is a master at setting goals and accomplishing the impossible. This Native American animal symbol represents a soul on a quest for inner victory.

The Goose is an Unyielding Adventurer

He/she is never satisfied in the life of adventure that they lead. Their motto is, “reach for the moon and you might grab a star”. The Goose never rests until the job is done. The sheer force of his/her drive dominates them and all who are around them.

The Goose is a Winner!

Business leaders and highly competitive individuals are often born under this Native American animal sign. These people are winners!

The Goose in Good Times

Heart of gold

When surrounded by family and friends the Goose is the epitome of kindness. Their heart of gold shines upon the ones they love.

The Goose in Bad Times

Dark shadows

In an environment lacking in loving support the Goose will draw their eyes inward and dwell in dark shadows.