Flag of Kansas

 Yigal Ben Efraim
Flag of Kansas

The flag of the state of Kansas was adopted in 1927. The elements of the state flag include the state seal and a sunflower. This original design was modified in 1961 to add the name of the state at the bottom of the flag.

The state seal centered on the flag tells the history of Kansas and his figures representing pioneer life.

The seal contains:

Landscape with a rising sun (the east)River and steamboat (commerce)

Settler's cabin and a man plowing a field (agriculture) [foreground]

Wagon train heading west (American expansion)

Indians hunting American Bison (the buffalo are fleeing from the Indians)

Cluster of 34 stars (top of the seal)

State motto "Ad Astra per Aspera" - Latin : "To the Stars through Difficulties" (above the stars)

The thirty-four stars clustered at the top of the seal identify Kansas as the 34th state to be accepted into the Union of the United States.

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