Flag of Brunei

 Lynn Atchison Beech
Flag of Brunei

The national flag of Brunei has the crest of Brunei in the center, on a yellow field. The field is cut by black and white diagonal stripes, although they are officially called parallelograms.

The yellow field represents the Sultan of Brunei. (In Southeast Asia, yellow is traditionally the colour of royalty, and the royal standards of Malaysia and Thailand, along with the presidential flag of Indonesia, also use a yellow field.)

The crest consists of a crescent (symbolizing Islam) joined with a parasol (symbolizing monarchy), and two upturned hands on both sides (signifying the benevolence of the government). Below the crescent is a ribbon. On the crescent and ribbon are Arabic inscriptions translating as "State of Brunei, Abode of peace" and Brunei's motto, "Always in service with God's guidance"

The black and white parallelograms represent Brunei's chief ministers.

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