Falcon (zodiac)

 Lynn Atchison Beech
Falcon (zodiac)

Falcon: Mar 21 - Apr 19

The Falcon is a Tireless Companion

The Falcon is a take charge person who seldom fails the people who look up to them. Their leadership abilities make them a good business advisor and a tireless companion.

The Falcon Works well with Others

When action is called for the Falcon will quickly resolve any problem or task with the grace of a master. Tireless in pursuing the task at hand the Falcon works well with others in whatever he/she does.

The Falcon Knows Best

Some people are offended by the take charge nature of the Falcon and his/her self centered attitude, but soon realize that the Falcon knows best.

The Falcon in Good Times:

Kind and understanding

When everything is going the Falcon’s way they are the epitome of loving kindness and understanding.

Full of life

Their electric nature breathes life into any relationship.

The Falcon in Bad Times:

About face

When things are not going the Falcon’s way everything changes.

Mean and demanding

Troubled times changes the Falcon from supportive companion into a demanding, intolerant tyrant that shows little compassion.

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