Emblem of Angola

 Lynn Atchison Beech
Emblem of Angola

The emblem of Angola reflects the recent past of the new nation. There is heavy Marxist imagery found on the device, expanded from what is found on the national flag. In the past, Angola has used coats of arms to represent the nation.

In the center is a machete and hoe, representing the revolution through which the nation gained independence, and the importance of agricultural workers. Above both emblems is a star that is often found in many socialist images. The star is taken to represent progress. The rising sun is the traditional symbol of a new beginning. These emblems are all enclosed within a circle formed by a half cog-wheel that represents the industrial workers, and a half vine of coffee and cotton leaves that represents the coffee resp. cotton industry.

At the bottom is an open book that is to represent education. A banner reads "Republic of Angola" at the bottom, in Portuguese.

Details of the insignia are laid down in Article 163 of the Constitution of Angola.

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