Coat of arms of Western Australia

 Lynn Atchison Beech
Coat of arms of Western Australia

The Coat of arms of Western Australia is the official coat of arms of the Australian State of Western Australia. It was granted by a Royal Warrant of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II dated 17 March 1969.

The shield has a silver (argent) field, with a rippled blue (azure) and silver (argent) base. A black swan in its natural colours swims on the upper blue ripple.

The crest is the Royal Crown in its proper colours on a wreath or torse of black (sable) and gold (or) between two Kangaroo paw flowers in their natural colours of red and green.

The supporters are a Red Kangaroo on the dexter and sinister (the viewer's right and left) holding up the shield. They are each depicted 'proper', or in natural colours. Each Kangaroo holds in their forepaw a boomerang without any marks or symbols on it, and they stand upon a grassy compartment.

There is no motto with the coat of arms.

The official blazon, or heraldic description is contained in the Royal Warrant, and reads: For Arms: Argent on a base wavy Azure charged with a barrulet wavy Argent a Black Swan naiant proper. And for Crest: On a Wreath Or and Sable The Royal Crown between two Kangaroo Paw (Anigosanthos Manglesii) flowers slipped proper. And for Supporters: On either side a Kangaroo holding in the exterior fore-paw a Boomerang proper.

The illustration in the Royal Warrant apparently shows the Arms with helmet and mantling, but the Western Australian Government has been advised that "With the consent of the Garter Principal King of Arms, the Arms will be produced, for the use in Western Australia, in abbreviated form without the helmet and mantling. A helmet and mantling is depicted in correct heraldic form in the Warrant to conform to heraldic principles, but omission thereof for general usage is in line with the usage of the Commonwealth of Australia and of other Australian States".